What is the Aura?

What is the aura? The aura, or energy field, is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things. It can be seen when someone has a strong emotion such as anger or happiness.

Some layers of the human auric field correspond to different parts of your life and psyche. They also represent chakras within your body and their meanings.

– The first layer is the etheric body which corresponds to your physical body. It contains all of the memories, thoughts, and feelings you have ever had in this lifetime as well as any past lives that are still active in your psyche. This information informs how we perceive our world and what we take from it, so being aware of its importance can help us heal ourselves or others on an energetic level.

– The second layer is known as man’s aura, cosmic energy field, or emotional body because they correspond with these parts of who we are. There will be equal amounts of blue light for love and white light for wisdom in a healthy person, but if someone has too much trauma stored up, their emotions may show redder than anything else.

– The third layer is the mental body or intellectual/rational mind. It carries all our thoughts and ideas, memories of past lives, and even what we don’t want to remember.

– Fourth is the spiritual aura where your connection with God or whatever name you may call Divine Source resides. This explains why when someone dies, they can see angels waiting for them at Heaven’s gates because their consciousness has shifted into this plane of existence while still retaining a physical form to escort that person on their journey home.

– Fifth layer is the soul. That etheric form that lives in our energy field and connects us to all of creation.

– Sixth is the energy body, which carries our thoughts and emotions.

– Seventh is a spirit guide or angelic being who assists in helping us with progression on this Earthly plane of existence.
The layers are not to be read individually but rather as a unified whole, understanding that they overlap and intertwine to form an intricate tapestry of light.

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