How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is one of the largest and most popular websites on the Internet. With a competitive marketplace, Amazon has various ways to make money with an affiliate marketing program.

As an Amazon affiliate, you can get paid commissions for products purchased through your links on their website or from advertisements you have placed on other sites. The more items you sell with high margins and lower return rates, the higher commission percentage you will earn as an Amazon affiliate.

Amazon allows merchants to create Associates accounts to register themselves as affiliates with the company and promote their product listings in exchange for advertising fees or sales commissions according to their agreement with each merchant.

This means that if someone buys something using your link, it’s possible to get paid anywhere from 4% to 10% of the purchase as a commission. You can earn commission and make money just by sending marketing the affiliate links.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program, managed by Amazon, allows you to earn a commission on products sold through your website or blog. Amazon gives you special links, also known as affiliate links or tracking IDs, for every product you want to promote.

You place them in a post, and they give you credit for any sales generated through traffic to your site. If someone buys a product with one of your affiliate links, they

 will be marked as an “affiliate sale,” and you get paid.

Amazon will pay you every month. The commission rate per sale is determined by what kind of referral they are purchasing the product through and other conditions such as minimum sales volume for products or services.

The rules are different.

It’s also important to note that Amazon has different rules in the countries in which it operates. If you plan to become an Amazon affiliate, make sure you check out if individuals from your country can participate before committing too much time trying to be an Amazon associate.

Is Amazon Affiliate Program and Amazon Associates Program the same?

Yes and no, they are the same, but you may refer to them differently. Amazon has different names for its affiliate programs, depending on where you live. While it is a global program, not all countries have access to it or know its existence.

So basically, if you live in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, you can sign up for both ‘Amazon Associates Program’ and ‘Amazon Affiliate Program’. If your country does not offer services from either of these programs, you can enroll in other countries that amazon operates in at this page:

Is there any training?

Amazon provides step-by-step instructions on their site once you register yourself as an Amazon associate. Since technology never stops evolving, they are constantly updating their platform so that merchants don’t have time to train themselves when new technologies come along the way.

What products can I promote?

Any product sold through Amazon is available to promote. The easiest way to browse through products is to search the Amazon website for a specific item, find from the drop-down list, or type in “associates” and click enter. This will take you directly to all of their associate program’s eligible products.

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

According to the requirements of Amazon, the application to be an Amazon associate may be within 24 hours. But we have had cases where it takes a bit more time than that, so don’t be alarmed if your application is not pending approval as expected.

Once your application is approved, you will be able to log in to your Amazon associates central dashboard, and you are ready to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

How do I sign up with the Amazon Associates program?

1) First, maximize your potential by signing up with Amazon associates first without any hesitation. Once you reach 500$ in commissions, you can start applying for a trade-In with amazon and get free stuff from a trade-in.

2) Make your website or blog from where you will be marketing the products. We have seen other popular blogs in our niche market using their affiliate links through Amazon, an excellent way to promote an affiliate program. This is true if you are proficient in blogging and writing articles, as most site owners are.

3) Once you have built your blog or website, it’s important that the theme you use is fully responsive to be accessed by mobile devices like smartphones. Creating a site or blog that only works for desktop computers might not be as efficient or profitable if clients find out about it and will no longer browse your site since people will most likely access websites through their phones.

In addition, you need to make sure that your landing page has good graphics because potential customers tend to compare products based on looks even before they read anything else about the item.

Is it profitable to become an Amazon affiliate?

If you plan to offer products from Amazon as your primary source of income, it’s probably not a good idea.

You may think that because you’re getting a percentage or commission per product sold, that would make it easier to reach your goals. But if you offer only one or two items in your niche market, this might seem like an empty and fruitless project for you at first glance.

It doesn’t hurt to try out the Amazon affiliate program since there is nothing much to lose except for time used for other ventures.

What are the disadvantages of being an Amazon affiliate?

There are some disadvantages when using Amazon as a form of affiliate marketing:

1) Amazon is a big marketplace, and you will be competing against other Amazon associates. This can be hard because many others are just as skilled and determined, if not more than yourself, to gain the same amount of success that you’re aiming for.

2) Some Amazon sellers like to scam people by providing them with damaged products or not as described. As an Amazon associate, you must read the reviews before making your own decision when deciding on whether to recommend products on your site.

3) It’s usually harder to get traffic through Amazon affiliate links than using Google Adsense. For example, most people tend not to pay much attention to online ads since it’s a common sight nowadays.

4) There are limited options for sellers to find a niche market when you’re working on Amazon unless, of course, they want to pay lots of money.

5) You must make your website or blog relevant and interesting to the visitor so that they will continue exploring your site afterward. If this doesn’t happen, people will move on to another more appealing website and valuable.

The Amazon affiliate program can bring in a considerable profit per month if you know what you’re doing and handle their system the right way for your business model. The best advice is to research your clientele before setting up shop as an Amazon affiliate so that there’s no doubt that they’ll go through with making purchases.

What are the advantages of being an Amazon affiliate?

Interior of large distribution warehouse with shelves stacked with palettes and goods ready for the market.

There are lots of advantages to becoming an Amazon affiliate:

1) Amazon and the Amazon affiliate program have been around for a long time now, so it’s hard to ignore them in any aspect of the business. They have an extensive network that will help your income grow over time.

2) The payment methods are pretty simple, and you won’t have trouble getting paid 2-3 days after the product is sold on Amazon so that you can start looking for ways to add more products and make more sales as soon as possible.

3) Because there is no need to maintain inventory, put up a storefront, or worry about costs like shipping fees, Amazon runs smoothly with minimal maintenance needed from your side.

4) Amazon affiliate links and product links allow even beginners who don’t know anything about coding or website building to be able to get started immediately and start earning money right away.

5) Amazon provides extra services like Prime that give you an edge over other sellers since the products will be delivered to your clients in a much faster and more convenient manner.

6) The initial investment with Amazon is low, so it’s not as risky or challenging on your wallet compared to putting up a storefront online using Shopify, for example.

7) Of course, no one beats Amazon when it comes to product availability, so if there are any problems regarding an item you’re advertising, then they’ll take care of everything without any questions asked.

8) If you have decent SEO skills, you can attract many people through search engines who may want to buy through Amazon instead of directly from their site. Many Amazon affiliates love this method.

How to research profitable products on Amazon?

There are a lot of things to consider when researching for profitable products to sell on Amazon. If you follow these steps, then you won’t go wrong.

Research the demand.

Start with checking Google Trends and Websites like Alibaba that have a list of possible suppliers. This will help you find out what people want and give you an idea of how much it costs to buy them in bulk since the more units you buy at one time, the cheaper they become.

Choose a niche and go deep.

It would be best if you found a popular niche, and there are enough people interested in it. You will be able to reach more people this way to get the best chance of success.

Seek expert advice if needed.

You must research and search for experts who have experience on Amazon before doing anything yourself so that you can learn from them and not make any mistakes that would end up costing you money or time in the long run.

Be consistent with improving your page rank on Amazon.

One common mistake is neglecting the website itself, especially when updating products and providing new reviews for customers to read about.

Know when to expand.

Suppose you notice that new opportunities are coming your way through changes in the trends and market, even if they’re relatively minor. It’s okay to try out different products and services since it can only help you grow your business in the long run.

How to build a successful Amazon Affiliate site?

Get the word out.

When joining affiliate marketing, whether or not you have your website is irrelevant. If you do happen to have a website, make sure to review it so that the products are well-advertised.

Mixing it up.

Once you’ve posted links online, don’t just stop there because this won’t get them buying anything. Make sure to surprise and delight your customers by offering them something they didn’t expect from other offers or throwing in unique discounts only available at certain times of the month.

This will trigger more sales since buyers are always looking for new ways of saving money on things they need.

Keep an eye on sales.

The important thing about choosing a profitable product to sell on Amazon is seeing what sells the most and then going after it – you don’t want to keep buying products that are low sellers, so always check your orders, so you know what’s selling and what isn’t.

Be consistent.

To make the most of a dollar, you should continuously monitor your investments to align with current trends. Don’t leave all of your assets as is once you have one or two successful products because others might not be popular now but could change in popularity later on.

The same goes if one item has been outselling the rest for quite some time – it’s a good idea to let your customers know about this by updating them on social media sites so that they get the chance of getting in on the action with you.

Be patient.

Don’t panic when a sale starts decreasing the next day because this will only make you lose focus, and constant monitoring is needed to ensure items that aren’t selling well are still profitable.

This way, you won’t get too distracted and miss anything significant that dramatically boosts your income.

Know when to quit.

Every successful affiliate marketer eventually realizes the importance of knowing when to stop investing in products.

Some affiliates overcome this by constantly thinking outside the box and listening to their customers, while others use more traditional methods.

Keep track of your earnings.

Once you’ve made money from Amazon, keep track of what happens next – how did you earn, on average? How long did your investment last? What could be done better to invest less and more efficiently?

There are many affiliate marketers out there, but those who know what they’re doing have been successful for a reason, and that’s because they learned from each failure and keep track of their earnings.

Think outside the box.

While selling popular products is the most effective way of making money from Amazon and having a listing on your site to promote them is undoubtedly something you should be doing.

Think creatively about how you can your Amazon affiliate links out to the Internet.

How do I drive traffic as an affiliate?

To make money with amazon as an affiliate, you have to drive traffic to the product link. This can be done in different ways :

Search engine rankings

You want your site and the products you are promoting to show up at the top of google search ranking for keywords associated with these products.

There are many tools out there where you can do free keyword research, but if you want something a bit more powerful, I recommend SEMrush, which I use personally and works well for me.

The other aspect of driving traffic from search engines is ensuring you have the right keywords in your content. This is a bit more tricky, but if you follow Google’s guidelines for quality content, then you will do fine.

You can consider Google Ads as a paid solution too.

Social Media

You need to find relevant groups on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc., that are interested in the type of products you are promoting and then interact with them from your page/profile over some time. In addition, they get familiar with your page and trust you enough to click through when eventually you post something related to Amazon affiliate links.

There are many guides out there about how best to use media sites and post product links. I find Reddit to be the best place to drive traffic as they are the most active, and you can get a lot of information from them without having to spend too much time there, and you can do product reviews and post product links.


Youtube can be an excellent source of traffic, and you can bring traffic to your site 24 hours a day. The key here is to create good content like review videos to engage your audience and get them to click the product links on this platform.

Review videos on Youtube are one good way to market your affiliate link. Many Amazon associates create review videos, post to Youtube, add keywords in descriptions.

Keep in mind that Youtube is now cracking down on affiliate marketers who violate their terms of service, so if you want to be compliant, then make sure you read the guidelines carefully and don’t overdo it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not suitable for all types of products, but if it is what you’re promoting, it’s well worth it. In your email signature, include a link to the Amazon product that your customers want and send emails out regularly about new offers or new items, etc., so they never forget you!

Another thing that increases signups into an email list is freebies. Offer something like a guide/report/ebook etc., in exchange for a name and email.

Then you can email them regularly with updates about the product and other products you have, and they will get to know your brand and click through more often.

Get Started

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, affiliate marketing with Amazon is an excellent option. The steps outlined above should help get you started on the right foot and provide some insight into what it takes to be successful in this industry.

Whether you want to invest in products yourself and earn commissions or promote someone else’s product, there are ways of making good money from home through amazon that can work for anyone!

So set up a website or a blog, start marketing, drive traffic, and start to earn money today as an Amazon affiliate!

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